Today I completed the store page of my business WordPress. Instead of aligning the text and images, I just took the images into Photoshop and added the text in there. It was much easier that way.


Today I was DCA’d for the Goldbug Olympics.

Today I began the Store page of the Drumroll Design WordPress.

I got all of the items designed, next time in class I’ll format the page correctly.

Today I completed my wall poster. Today I found an image of each member from Of Mice & Men. I cut them out of their backgrounds, and placed them into the image.
I then added a white outer-glow to the images. I also placed in my name at the top left corner, and the signature I made at the beginning of this year on the left side, underneath the letter “M”.

Complete image walkthrough:

  1. I created the word “Music” out of many smaller words that I would use to describe what music is to me. Those being – M: Inspiration, Hope, Love, Beauty, Mosh, Admiration. U: Encouragement, Positivity. S: Pursue, Aspiration, Humbling. I: Passion. and C: Determination, Courage, Peaceful.
  2. I searched Google Image for band images of Of Mice & Men, The Story So Far, Bring Me The Horizon, The Wonder Years, Pierce The Veil, Miss May I, and Sleeping With Sirens.
  3. I cut each band out of their backgrounds in Photoshop, and placed them into my image. I then added the band’s name in a “Colors of Autumn” text, with a gold-yellow outer-glow on each. For the Of Mice & Men band image, I made it the largest and placed it in the middle of the image. I used their band logo instead of the name (though it has the band name in the logo), and I made the image yellow with a blue outer-glow.
  4. I then took the picture of the nebula I used in my business projects and placed it as the background.
  5. I added the text “I will show you how a heart can never fail, never change.” (from the Of Mice & Men song, “This One’s For You”) in a “Bandung Hardcore” font. I gave this a blue stroke, and a gold-yellow outer-glow.
  6. I then searched Google Images for an image of each band member from Of Mice & Men.
  7. I cut each member out of the backgrounds of the images, and placed them in the image.
  8. I reduced their opacities, and added a white outer-glow.
  9. I then added my name in the top-left corner, along with the signature I made earlier in the year underneath the letter “M” in “Music”.

Background Nebula image:

The Story So Far band image:

The Wonder Years band image:

Sleeping With Sirens band image:

Miss May I band image:

Bring Me The Horizon band image:

Pierce The Veil band image:

Of Mice and Men band image:

Of Mice and Men band logo:

Alan Ashby image:

Philip Manansala image:

Austin Carlile image:

Valentino Arteaga image:

Signature image:

Wall Poster (completed):

Today I completed my end of the year letter to you, and continued working on my wall poster.

On the wall poster, I added a nebula in the background, and reduced it’s opacity. I also added a line of lyrics from Of Mice & Men and gave it an outer-glow, as well as an arch effect.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 2.43.18 PM

Today I went to the ACC room to work on my Financial Education class.

I completed Chapter 3.

Today I spent the hour donating blood.